The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a holistic approach to movement that focuses on stretching and strengthening muscles while simultaneously stimulating and strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints of the body. It incorporates
circular and spiraling movement which increase joint mobility, particularly in the spine, correcting posture and developing coordination. It improves how the body functions, puts no stress on the joints and makes you less vulnerable to injuries making it a great exercise system for people of all ages and abilities. GYROTONIC® was invented by Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian dancer, while healing his own body from chronic pain and injury. The program Horvath developed builds CORE STRENGTH while DEVELOPING LONG, LEAN MUSCLE TONE and focuses on breathing patterns to nourish the entire body and create endurance. GYROTONIC® is known to create renewed energy and vitality and a general sense of calm and wellbeing.

Simultaneously stretch and strengthen the entire body with minimal effort and
without excess fatigue

Help you recover from injuries

Correct posture and improve core strength

Relieve back, hip, knee and shoulder pain

Improve dance and athletic technique and performance

Achieve results for those with arthritis, osteoporosis and scoliosis

Make you feel better in your own body



"Soo is a teacher, massage therapist, and person with great knowledge of the body."

Testimonial by Lois Feldman Psychologist Facilitator in Relational Communiction & Authentic Presence

Soo is an amazing person to work with. She is a teacher, massage therapist, and person with great knowledge of the body. As a teacher, she has worked with me to show me how the muscles in my body are connected and work with one another and how to get my muscles cooperating with one another. She makes sure that I use my muscles correctly so that I am truly strengthening and aligning my body. Her emphasis is on the inner relationship of the muscles (which hold everything together and direct movement). She has been teaching me how to be able to feel the connections, to understand them and take care of them when I am on my own. She works with the method of GYROTONIC® and adds to it all of her other training, As she guides me through a series of different activities and exercises, she is stretching and strengthening, always aligning the body, with the goals of curing something painful, preventing injury, and helping me to be able to move to my fullest capability. GYROTONIC® exercise has been called moving yoga. That is a great way to think about it. There is a lot to do with the breath as part of the inner relationship of good movement of the body. Various positions and goals are very similar to yoga but are not used as stances. One is always moving through the movements. Soo is always very careful to see whether a particular movement is too much for my body at the moment. If so, she scales it down in order to incrementally work up to the capacity she is trying to help me to develop. She is also very careful to get me back into alignment if an effort at doing something has creating any misalignment. She does this so that I won't get pain later and my movement won't be compromised. I always leave a session feeling very good physically - freer, looser, taller, lighter,and energized. My posture has improved greatly over time. I literally am taller, no longer hunched at the shoulders and stretched upwards at the ribs. All of my joints are flexible. When I began working with Soo, I had some hip pain and was tired. Now there is no hip pain. My energy level started improving immediately. I felt like I had more room for air within my body. Soo thinks on her feet. At each session she asks me how my body is. From there, she makes a plan for the day's session, one that takes into account what part of my body is tight or painful, where there is a twist of misalignment, or whether I am tired. Soo is very supportive of all my efforts with forward energy so that we always accomplish a lot in a session. I recommend her to you without any reservations.

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