Body Code System® Method

The BodyCode System® is a method of evaluating and correcting movement patterns. It involves a full-body spherical workout that originates from the core. The principles of the BodyCode System® are based on the knowledge of the osteoarticular system of the body and the laws of biomechanics. BodyCode System® involves the study of myofascial-skeletal imbalances and the resulting compensatory effects on the body. We work to correct these imbalances in the BodyCode System®, restoring balance throughout the entire body. The BodyCodeSystem® has theoretical roots in acupuncture, yoga, qigong and feng shui, which have wide-ranging beneficial effects on the psychological well-being of the individual in addition to improving the physical body.

Some of the benefits of the BodyCode System are:

Improved physical condition by strengthening and stretching the body

Mobilization and lubrication of the spine and joints

Full-body spherical workout initiated from the core

Restored muscular balance throughout the body

Healthier body movement patterns

Overall feeling of well-being


Pegasus® can be used by everyone from elderly patients to professional athletes who need to improve mobility, stability, strength, flexibility, reflexes and coordination. Stretching exercises performed on Pegasus® elongate not only the muscles, but also the tendons and complex neuro-muscular fascia chains. Strengthening exercises activate stabilization muscles and improve coordination which promote functional movement in everyday life, sports and dance.

Pegasus® offers many supporting surfaces to reduce pressure on the spine and allow a wide range of movement for all clients.

photo credit : Pino Carbone The BodyCodeSystem®'s website


The Elvis® is a small, cushioned seat with a round bottom for rocking on the ground. You can lay on it, sit on it, or stand on it while rocking gently back and forth. The exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles in your ankles, knees, legs, hips, back, and shoulders. It is designed to be used by everyone from seniors to professional athletes and dancers.

The Elvis® is a fantastic tool for the prevention of back pain. It is a proven medical fact that keeping the lumbosacral junction flexible prevents the risk of the spine becoming rigid and helps to stop chronic suffering. Eliminate the vicious cycle not moving because you suffer from back pain and not recovering from back pain because you can’t move.

The results of the Elvis® are:

Improved balance, coordination, and rhythm like a professional ballet dancer

Lost inches without pills, starving, sweating, or weights

Strong, long muscles in your abs, butt, hips, legs, and back

Better posture and a healthier spine with less back pain

Stand taller, feel more graceful and vibrant

photo credits : Pino Carbone The BodyCodeSystem®'s website


MasterStretch® is a simple pair of boots with curved soles that allows the client to rock gently from heels to toes, challenging their balance. This rocking motion stretches, lengthens, and strengthens muscles and tendons in the legs and back. MasterStretch® is an exercise device both easy to use and appropriate for all ages. Many times, imbalances in the body start with the feet as this is the base of the body and the feet support the entire body’s weight. MasterStretch® is especially effective at strengthening the ankle dorsal and plantar flexors. Ankle strength and flexibility play an important part in posture and balance in the body.

Exercising with MasterStretch® will:

Stretch, lengthen, and strengthen leg and back muscles & tendons

Stabilize ankles

Reduce muscle strains, tendonitis, muscle cramps and backaches

Start and stop quicker, run firmer and turn sharper

Improve balance, stability, flexibility and coordination

Increase energy and blood flow

photo credit : Pino Carbone The BodyCodeSystem®'s website

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